Monday, July 4, 2016

First of many

Hello all. My name is Trunkneck. I'm a 54 year old married empty nester from New Jersey. To say I've been around is a bit of an under statement.

What I will post here is only real life shit from my perspective. Everything from Batman, Call of Duty to politics and parenting. If I live it, it gets posted, all readers are free to scroll or leave so please don't attempt to troll or be an ass.

I've been into computing and gaming since Duke Nukem "Play it on Ten", Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage. I went through the progression of a hardcore gamer. I frequented LAN parties, I participated at first, then became involved on a staff level at LAN orgs, but then I started having my own LANs going by the name East Coast LAN

I also became involved with a software company by the name GameSpy Industries out of San Jose CA. While in a chat room of GameSpy's I was helping people set up the software GameSpy provided named "GameSpy 3D" when "Zob" a GameSpy employee noticed I had a strong aptitude for tech support, how their software functioned and was patient enough to help people get the software functioning properly for their particular box and internet connection I was offered an unpaid staff position.. I later became a paid employee and worked on another version of gaming software called "GameSpy Arcade". Many gamers at the time were still running a 56K modem and this posed several issues for the potential gamers of the time. Parsing threads and MTUs were the acronyms of the day.

In fact, I'm taking a Call of Duty Black Ops3 break. I'll finish this later.....or never maybe.